Stock Symbol:

Type of Order:   Market (buy at open)


After execution of the buy order we calculate a 2% increase over this price and immediately place a stop                                                    

order to Sell all shares at the new price which is 2% over the buy price.


Example:    Buy MicroSoft (MSFT) at $100.00 per share at opening bell.

                  Place a Stop Order to sell MSFT at $102.00 per share.


If the stock does not reach the Stop Order sell price within 5 days after the buy order executed, 

we cancel the Stop Order and place a Market order to Sell all the shares before the close of the 5th 

day.  In the above example, if we bought MicroSoft at $100 on a Monday and it had not reached $102 before

the close on Friday, we would cancel our Stop Order and place a Sell order for all the shares before

the close on Friday.